I have a confession to make! I have used Thirty-One products before that I didn’t love. I know that’s unpopular for a girl who has spent the last twelve years promoting these products, but I’m only human. And not only am I human, but I’m a mom of five so while I love something that is beautiful, it MUST be practical and heavy duty. Did I mention heavy duty?

Over the years we have had all the storage designs. Some were fun, some were cutesy and some were a little…well…let’s not talk about those. But the thing is, I spend my life covered in teddy bears, baby barf, dinosaurs, and baby dolls. (You like how I just added barf in to see if you were paying attention?) Sometimes I would like to feel like I have my crap together…like not all in one place, but like Joanna Gaines, farm house, picture perfect together. I mean for just the 5 minutes…you know the 5 minutes right before nap time ends when I finally get up and put toys away. Yep…those are the 5 minutes I want to feel put together and pretty. I want my space to feel peaceful, serene and warm and I want to do it on a mom of five budget! I don’t think that’s too much to ask!

I told you some of our designs have been questionable!

Here was my first playroom designed with Thirty-One. I am fairly certain it looked like this for the duration of taking this picture and that’s about it. This was circa 2011 when all we really had were Large Utility Totes (which are STILL our top selling product!) . Large Utility totes are great for just about anything…

  • Groceries (Aldi’s, SAMS Club, CostCo, Green Living etc…)
  • Laundry
  • Taking Gifts Places
  • Tailgating
  • Crafts…
Throwing it back old school!

But Large Utility Totes aren’t great for toy storage. All these years later, I am still trying to find the best way to organize toys because I simply cannot stop having babies! (Well let’s hope I have finally put an end to that problem…er..I mean…blessing). In walks the Insider Exclusive Large Felt Storage Bin. Life Changing! No really…it is totally life changing! If you don’t believe me, ask Cooper. He is very agreeable.

Look at that face!

FINALLY problem solved! These new Large Felt Storage Bins are not only super durable, but they are absolutely gorgeous and very luxe (I’m not even sure if that’s a word that a mom of five should use)! I am SO in love! My fifteen month old hangs all over the sides of this felt bin and those sides pop right back up! No wrinkles, no poles, no wires!

And, it is so modern and softens the room unlike some of the other brands I have used that are plastic or cardboard. Oh and did I mention you can put your name or favorite saying on them? I’m obsessed!

Comes in two colors and you can customize the personalization however you want! Literally thousands of combinations!

Wanna know what’s even better? They are only $30 when you decide to gather a few orders from friends. So whether you do that online, by sharing a link or even by getting some friends together to have wine and girl time, you get this guy for only $30, plus you’ll get more than that for FREE! What?!

Let me know if you have questions on how to gather a few orders! I promise this beauty will make your life so much easier and more beautiful!

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