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Workshop & Speaking Options


The Enneagram is a deep personality assessment tool that is used to uncover why we behave the way we do. When we discover why, we have bigger transformation, self-awareness and break throughs. In these workshops, discover or dive deeper into learning more about the Enneagram. Enneagram classes are customized to each individual group or organizations needs. Focus may be on basics of the Enneagram, Enneagram 2.0, conflict management, leadership using the Enneagram or others. These options are always customized by organizations needs. Time determined by needs.


As children, women are given a storybook image of what life should look like. Despite “having it all,” many women are pushing through day after unfulfilling day, feeling overwhelmed and anxious or completely numb and disconnected. Your group of women will learn that making decisions out of the FOG (an acronym for fear, obligation and guilt), maybe holding them back from living their best life. She will learn that she can replace the FOG of fear, obligation and guilt with a new mantra of “forgiveness, opportunity, and grace.”


Society has made an accomplishment out of doing
more, knowing more, and being everywhere. The
pressure to be informed and always in-touch
stretches us too far and distracts us from what is most
important. Under this subject we talk about how the
fear of missing out on the popular things distracts us
from the the ability to be present as a wife, mother,
daughter, and friend… steals our marginal time and
energy and the peace that comes with them. Here,
we will talk about how to drown out all the noise and
create space for flourishing into our full potential.


Taxi driver, soccer mom, worlds best cookie maker,
financial expert, and doctor -- one second you are
cleaning dog poop off the kitchen floor and the next
you are a sex goddess in the bedroom. Oh, the
pressure of being a woman! In the midst of all of this,
women are somehow expected to look and feel their
best. How do we fit in time to eat healthy, work out,
or take an hour to clear our minds without the guilt of
the to-do list haunting us? We will talk about how to
defeat the lies we tell ourselves that lead to guilt and
to manage our energy, not our time!


Women are so afraid of being seen as pushy or
assertive that we often shrink our dreams because we
are too afraid to ask for what we need, and too afraid to
say no! It can be hard to say no, especially when
someone flatters you by asking directly, or truly needs
the help, or perhaps you have a particular talent in an
area of need. However, not every opportunity is for
you. Learn how to recognize opportunities that will
highlight the best you , how to say no with confidence,
ask for what you need without being pushy and how to
gracefully bow out to obligations currently crowding
your plate.

Need a topic customized for your group? No problem! Contact Lindsey with the details to see how she can encourage your team or group.

Life Coaching

Enneagram Typing Session

This 60-minute session is designed to help you narrow down your Enneagram type to one or two numbers. Most clients are able to find a number easily while others struggle. Finding your number is an experience of self-exploration. We will talk about how your number will enhance and guide you in your long and short-term goals.

Exploring Your Best Self

This Five Session Series will give you time to dive deep into your Enneagram number and how it fits into your life goals. We will explore where you want to go and how to use your strengths to get there. Each session is 60 minutes. *Minimum of 6 month commitment for one on one coaching

Couples Sessions

Want to use the Enneagram with your partner to find out and understand how you both use your types within your relationship? This 90-minute session is the perfect way to move forward in a mutual understanding to rejuvenate your relationship.

Family Session

This 3.5-4 hour workshop is done live as an overview to the Enneagram. It is designed to give your family members an overview of the Enneagram as well as help you all move together in true understanding of one another. This cost includes Enneagram Materials and snacks.

Businesses, Teams & Organizations 
Pricing Dependent on Needs & Location

Enneagram coaching is perfect for your team! Enhance the way you communicate. Help your team better understand one another and motivate one another! Group Enneagram coaching is the ultimate team bonding experience.  ½ day and whole day workshops available. 

Special & Multi-day events pricing and quotes available upon request. Schedule a Free 30 minute consultation 
to see which is best for you!