Becoming Brave University is not like any other experience you've had before! It is a daily dose of vitamins for your soul, passion, and purpose!

  • "I met Lindsey 10 years ago at a retreat she was leading. I was in a selfish place in my career and lacking confidence to move forward. Although outwardly I appeared very confident, inwardly I was struggling with finding who I was as a leader. Through private and group coaching, Lindsey took me under her wing and helped me uncover a much more confident version of myself. I now lead a team of over 800 women confidently. Lindsey has a unique way of making you look inside of yourself and find the areas that need changed all while leaving you feeling empowered and ready to set the world on fire! She is the real deal!"
    Kim A.
  • I have been a stay at home wife and mom for 30 years and I have to say that I have felt that I have live almost my entire life in the "FOG" that Lindsey talks about. I had heard of the Enneagram, but once I saw that Lindsey was offering to learn more though her Facebook group, I had to join! I have lived in a secret depression my entire life. Once I found the Enneagram I wanted to deeper and find out more about me. I have been so enlightened because not only has my new knowledge helped me understand me better, but it has also helped my relationship with my husband. In only 3 months working with Lindsey in a small group coaching session I have found more confidence and have figured out how to begin living my best life. Leaving all that FOG behind using the Enneagram has really given me a better life! 
    Denise S.
  • I strongly urge everyone to take an Enneagram course with Lindsey! During an activity she gave us, I realized that there were some childhood wounds that I had not ever addressed after a terrible trauma that happened in my life. I truly didn't know that there was an issue until I started digging deeper. Some of the assignments Lindsey gives are hard, but the weight that is lifted off of you after you complete those assignments is priceless. It's been so eye opening for me to realize so many truths about myself so I can move through my days without feeling the FOG that I was carrying with me from my past. 
  • I"m so thankful to have Lindsey as a resource for Enneagram coaching. Right when I thought I knew exactly what Type I was, she was able to help me dig deeper to discover I was actually a different Type. It goes to show you, you shouldn't rely solely on the test. Walking through the Enneagram with a coach is priceless.
    Ashley H.
  • One huge take away from discovering my type and wings from the Enneagram was that I am not able to recognize when I show up as my best self. Knowing my true Type allows me to give myself grace when I make mistakes and in forgiving myself for past mistakes. I'm learning more about the areas I struggle in as well as the areas I can excel. It is such an interesting journey and I'm looking forward to learning more from Lindsey in the future!
    Heather G.

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