Lindsey Hale

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who am I?

I'm Lindsey Hale

I started my path to success on accident really. I just needed an extra $300 per month so I could stay home with my babies. So out of pure desperation I spent $99 on a little business opportunity that changed my life!

I currently lead a team of thousands of women who I am passionate about coaching and teaching. My passion for teaching them is what lead me to write and now, even though I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around it, I guess I’m a real author!

I went from a small town girl (living in a lonely world) to a small town girl living the life of her dreams. I don’t have a special degree; I didn’t have an exceptional amount of friends. I had a dream and the courage to chase it and now I am sharing the how to with all of you! Success in parenting, marriage and in business doesn’t come without tons of failure, so if you’re going to hang out with me, expect to get the real deal.  You’ll see the good, the bad and the ugly when you follow me, but that’s real life!

I have lots of titles. Taxi to my four oldest kids, mommy to the baby of the family who is a full 8 years younger than the other four.  Wife, daughter, business owner, maker of the food, supplier of the snacks, and family events planner; I’m over here slaying this life some days I’m just letting life slay me. But no matter what I am living the life I have created because I dared to dream! My dream is to inspire and equip you to do the same!

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